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Easily protect the most valuable asset in your shop. CS Booth mask stick goes on easily and washes away quickly with water. 

  • Reduce cleaning times

  • Prevent paintjob contamination by trapping dust and overspray

  • Biodegradable

  • Water Soluble 

  • Available in 5L or 20L container

As low as: $59.95

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The 5L Booth Mask stick from Spray IQ makes cleaning any spray booth a breeze. Simply spray on a layer of this protective film over the walls and lighting fixturesof the booth and the tacky layer of protective film will protect the walls and lighting fixtures by capturing dust and overspray. To clean the booth spray down the walls and floors thoroughly with water to dissovle the protective film and wash away any collected overspray/dust particles. 

*** Technical Documents & Safety Sheets *** 

Materials Safety & Data (MSDS) |  Technical Data Sheet (TDS) 

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