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  1. 138.587 CS Steel Polyester Body Putty

    CS Steel is an very hard, quick drying putty. Works great for special projects and rebuilding edges. 

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  2. 143.496 CS Liquid Putty

    Our Liquid putty is a polyester compound perfect for filling small imperfections, scratches and dents

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  3. 146.706 CS Multi Green Polyester Putty

    The CS multi green is our most versatile body putty. 

    • Universal putty for use on most substrates
    • For repair of light scratches or imperfections
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    As low as: $29.95

  4. 146.707 CS Multi Green Glas Putty

    The CS Multi Green Glas is our heavy duty multi surface body putty:

    • Universal putty for use on most substrates
    • Perfect for repairing rust spots and deep imperfections
    • Fiberglass reinforced polyester
    • Short glass fibers for maximum conformability 
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    148.524 CS Aluminum Special Putty

    The Aluminum Special putty is a very high hardness putty that excels in repairs of major scratches and imperfections:

    • For repairs of very deep imperfections
    • Specialized polyester compound 
    • Extremely high hardness range
    • Recomended for rebuilding edges and bonded aluminum
    • Eliminates sag on bonded parts 
    • Hardener Included

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    149.613 CS Plastic Pro

    High performance putty for plastic repair:

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  7. 150.801 KS-50 Seam Sealer

    Use prior to painting to seal off cracks with this waterproof, temperature/mineral resistant compound. 

    • 12 Hour Dry Time
    • Apply with brushes
    • Long lasting
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  8. 156.408 Car Grip Beige Lightweight Performance Body Filler

    Performance Lightweight Body Filler from Spray IQ

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  9. 123.892 Dualmatic Putty Dispenser

    Dual hardener and putty dispenser for use with the CS putties.

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9 Item(s)